Lyle High School Drama

Please join the Lyle Public School drama department on Friday, May 11, at 7 o'clock in the evening
on Saturday, April 28, 2018, at 1 o’clock in the afternoon for three Ten Minute Comedies…

Family Meeting: “At a family meeting, a teenage girl learns that her parents are trading her—for a foreign exchange student who can dunk.”

The Fence: “In this comedy about relationships, we take a humorous look at the lives of two ordinary suburban couples…They are both at the time of their lives when it’s time to settle down, get married and have kids. It’s clear that that’s what they all want. Or is it? Perhaps it’s just what they’re telling each other…”

The 42nd Annual Pie-Rating Convention: “Due to an apparent breakdown of communication, a crew of pirates unwittingly crashes the 42nd annual Canadian Pastry Judging Convention, in other words, the pie-rating convention, leaving good-natured Canadian patriot Alan to handle the situation.”


Teachers on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - A One-Act Comedy
Saturday, February 3, at 2 p.m. 

"Five high school teachers find themselves at the end of their rope...and it's only the first day of school! From an English teacher with mood swings and a math teacher in the middle of a divorce, to an elderly chemistry teacher with back pain and a geography teacher with a whip, the semester gets off to a rocky start. Add to the mix a drama teacher who sleeps on her desk, and it only becomes a matter of time before one of them snaps. As the students navigate this bumpy road, they begin to realize it may have been their behavior that pushed these teachers perilously close to the edge. Will they be able to make things right before it's too late, or has this faculty completely lost its faculties?"

Watch the play here:

1st Period: Miss Pat, English....Mia Bauer
2nd Period: Mrs. Riesenbach, Algebra....Audrey Heard
3rd Period: Mr. Tremblay, Chemistry....Abby Quelle
4th Period: Ms. Fritz, Geography....Zoe Achenbach
5th Period: Ms. Wiens, Drama....Adreanna Ruis

Class Roster
Jordan....Nick Arkells
Logan....Olivia Christianson
Taryn....Amanda Weber
Kamryn....Kaylee Greibrok
Kylie....Ahna Wachlin
Luke....Dakoda Stepp
Phil Ruazz....Carsten Ruis
Zoey Ackerman...Andrea Murphy
Mia Bauer....Lesly Gonzalez
Evan Anderson....Kayla Johnson
Victor Frankenmonster....Caleb Quelle

This play is produced by special arrangement with Heuer Publishing, LLC of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

At Lyle School, drama is offered as a class every year. Not only does this give students the opportunity to be involved in the arts and gain their fine arts state requirement, but it also allows students to "branch out" and live outside the box a little. Because Lyle is a small school, many of these students are involved in multiple after-school activities, and many of them wouldn't otherwise take the chance on theatre. Offering drama as a class gives everyone the opportunity to be in the school play - regardless of sports, work, and family schedules.

Thanks for supporting the arts!

Contact: Becky Koopal