Let's get reading!

Mr. Amick teaches 9th, 10th, 11th,  and 12th grade language arts, in addition to an elective (currently "Minnesota and Lyle in the Civil War"). Each class is devoted to reading, writing, and promoting lifelong skills, with the language arts classes being tiered to support the development of students' reading and writing abilities. Each language arts class has a theme that provides the mold for that course's curriculum. The themes are as follows:

LA 9: Literary Appreciation
LA 10: Literary Diversity
LA 11: Literary History
LA 12: Communication Skills

In LA 9 (Literary Appreciation), students will focus in on the building blocks of literature, such as plot, characterization, and setting, and how they interact to form stories. Students will be reading a variety of stories and writing their own works.

In LA 10 (Literary Diversity), students build off of the content of LA 9 to study the characteristics of different genres of literature, such as science fiction, essays, and historical fiction. In addition to reading writings within these genres, students will also write analyses of these stories and compose their own pieces within the genres.

In LA 11 (Literary History), students will analyze the development of American literature, starting with early English works and ending with contemporary American lit. By studying the evolution of literature, students will be able to see how literary characteristics (studied in LA 9) became more complex and how the various genres (studied in LA 10) developed.

In LA 12 (Communication Skills), students will investigate the different ways clear communication can benefit their futures. Students will learn how to write college application essays, resumes, and speeches, and they will practice critical reading, interviewing, and interpersonal skills. 

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