Classroom Information
Ms. ReAnn Peterson
I'm so excited to have middle schoolers inside my classroom! In order to kept a safe, welcoming, engaging, and productive classroom environment, I have listed some general classroom expectations below. We will also go over more expectations and routines once we meet inside the classroom.   

Be Respectful - towards your peers, your teachers, the school, and classroom materials. 
Be Responsible - for your schoolwork, your attendance, your participation, your attitude, and your actions.
Be Safe - by following directions the first time they are given.
Be Prepared - by having your math textbook, math notebook, and a pencil with you everyday. 

Ms. Peterson's Schedule 
1st Hour 8:10 - 9:02  
2nd Hour 9:05 - 9:57  
3rd Hour 10:00 - 10:52  
4th Hour 10:55 - 11:47  
Lunch 11:47 - 12:17 LUNCH
5th Hour 12:17 - 1:09  
6th Hour 1:12 - 2:04  
7th Hour 2:07 - 3:00