Technology Polices

6th -12th Grade Technology Policy
1. Each teacher will have a technology policy for their own classroom. Each policy will clearly define what is acceptable in their classroom.

2. When students violate any of the classroom polices, the device will be taken from them and taken to the office. At the end of the school day, the student may go to the office to pick the item up. The student will need to have the teacher who took the item from them be with them to reclaim the item.

3. When a student reaches a second violation of any teachers' policy, the student will need to have a parent or guardian come to the school for them to get their device back. 3rd offense of privilege of device, the student and parent will need to meet with teacher and administrator to develop alternate plan. This could result in loss of device use for entire school year.

4. These policies will be in effect from 8:10-3:00pm. Students may use devices during their lunch. Students may  use them during passing time between classes.

Mr. Hagan’s 6th-12th-grade Technology Policy.
This policy is for the use of cell phones, IPods, IPads, laptops or any similar device in my classroom.

Student will be allowed to use any of the above listed devices if they can use them in an appropriate manner and at appropriate times.

Appropriate uses:
Note taking. Research. Book Reading. Word processing, calculator

Inappropriate uses:
Communicating with others. Games. Videos. Cheating. Noise.

Appropriate times.
Students may listen to music when it is work time only. They must use headphones during this time.

Appropriate manner
Any time a student is using a device it must lay flat on their desk.

*Note that these are only guidelines and are subject to change or may be modified based on individual needs.