Web 2.0 Tools -- Free Online Resources for Teaching and Learning
Many of your students are going to be working in jobs that don't even exist yet, and a lot of them will be centered in the world of technology. Help them prepare for learning and working in the 21st century through the use of the resources below.
Working with peers is an important life-long skill, but sometimes it's difficult to find the class time for truly interactive communication. These sites provide collaborative opportunities for the students outside the classroom, in a familiar setting, without risk of being "on the spot."
Presentation Tools
Tired of the same old posters and book reports and essays? Summative assessments can be far more appealing and exciting to students with the use of some of these online tools.
Worksheets, quizzes, and tests are always going to be an important part of assessing student learning, but you can take the tired old formats and spice them up a bit with some of these online resources. Many of the results can provide you with data in real-time!