Science Class for 2021-2022 School Year

Dear Students and Families

Welcome back for the new school year! The 2021-2022 school year will begin in-person, however, recent years have shown us that anything can happen throughout the year. In order to be ready for any possibility I will continue things from last year that worked during both distance and in-person learning.

I will use Schoology for all class materials and assignments. Schoology will also be used to post announcements for graduation class years. Schoology codes are listed below for science classes and for graduation year classes.  If you are not signed up for your two classes, please do so as soon as possible.If any students need Schoology login, school Gmail account, Infinite Campus, or other account information please contact your teachers to get that information.

  1. Schoology will be used to post science class content:
    1. 7th Grade Life Science code: VK6WM-WR8JQ
    2. 8th Grade Earth Science code: DFBS8-PWQXC
    3. 9th Grade Physical Science code: 42QHG-HG522
    4. Biology code: ZHKBN-VFDX2
    5. Chemistry code: P6SZN-Q4JRR
  1. Schoology graduation year codes:
    1. Class of 2025: B688-G693-MDB58
    2. Class of 2024: ZHGZ-4V9J-D68FF
    3. Class of 2023: WN77-D2X6-FD74C
    4. Class of 2022: J96VN-VGZCC
    5. Class of 2021: WJH29-J4ZWX
    6. Class of 2020: TSBJ4-CMC25

Cynthia Shepherd