March 23, 2020
Dear Kindergarten Parents,

I want to start off by saying that I miss all my students so much! I miss all my kinders, they are a smile and a hug in the morning and keep me on my toes throughout the day! I have loved to get to know your student over the course of this year. I want you to know that together we can work to educate your kids through this strange time.

The format in which I will be giving instructional videos is through the Seesaw app on your student’s school IPad. Your student will need to be logged into their personal account which I included in their school bags and will also email to you. On Seesaw I will have a few weekly assignments as well. It is my expectation that your student completes these activities over the course of the week.

Everyday your student will need to sign into seesaw using my attendance activity. I will still be taking attendance daily.

Below I have a list of daily and weekly tasks I am expecting your student to do. I will put extra resources on my school web page if you would like more. These skills are important for being ready for next year. If you are struggling to complete these tasks, please contact me so we can work through it together.

Please feel free to contact me through my school email, seesaw account, text or phone. I will work to help you through any issues.


Maddison Reuter


  • Students read 20 minutes with a family member
  • Practice writing first and last name: First letter uppercases the rest lowercase Ex: Reuter
  • Listen to Daily Message from Mrs. Reuter on Seesaw
  • Play
  • Smile


  • 3 Reading/Phonics lessons on Seesaw
  • 2 Math lessons on Seesaw (Can work on math book at own pace.)
  • Listen to Mrs. Donaldson’s read aloud on Facebook


Student Weekly Checklist


________ Complete 2 math lessons (Math lesson will be posted on seesaw)


________Read a book, or listen to a book on Epic 20 minutes a day. (I added books to their bags)


________Check Seesaw for message/lesson from Mrs. Reuter


______Practice Writing your name with first letter uppercase and rest lowercase. Example:


_________Practice reading and phonic skills with Mrs. Reuter on Seesaw


_________ Smile and Play!

Reading: Read with student every day, they are to keep the books in their packet. I have added word list and will add more on Seesaw. Students have been working on sounding out words with letter sounds.


Math: I have attached worksheets of skills in the packet that is review for your student. I will be working to instruct the lessons through Seesaw. I have sent the math book home if you wish to work on this with student as extra.


I added a 100s chart students can practice counting with it, writing their numbers, and representing them with objects. Other ideas are counting to a number forwards and backwards, and creating patterns.


Writing: I have included some writing paper as well as extra student notebooks. Students should work on writing simple sentences and adding a picture to their writing. Example: I like to ride bike. (Working on sounding out letters to spell words.)


Students should practice writing their names as well. Uppercase first letter of name and the rest lowercase so they are ready for 1st grade. Example: Maddi


Every home will have different expectations and time to spend with their child on their work. The items above are what Kindergarten needs to complete each week. The items listed below are extra if your child needs extra practice, a challenge, or something to keep the motivated to learn.



  • Science/Social Studies - Scholastic News in packet and Seesaw
  • Writing/Penmanship- Writing paper in packet and extra notebook sent home.
  • List of additional websites to keep you learning and challenge.
  • Listen to a book from Mrs. Donaldson on webpage


Thanks for helping them to continue in their learning.

If you have any questions, then please email me at . or connect with me on seesaw. Please communicate your needs, frustrations, and share their amazing learning.