January 17, 2022

Dear Guardians, 

The Kindergarten schedule is below, and I understand that some students may not be able to zoom in because you are at work. It is ok and if you have questions about the work then send me an email, call the school or we can set up a zoom time. The whole group lessons will be recorded and available at any time on Seesaw. 

Daily Checklist and assignments on Seesaw Monday - Friday 

Math video and complete workbook page in your math book 

Reading video 

Special (Gym, Music, Art) class video 

Mrs. McRae morning video

Zoom at 8:30 

Zoom at 12:30- If you need help with your work or emotional support. 


Seesaw guide 

Click on activities(lightbulb) to see daily assignments 

Watch videos 

Click add response and take a picture of your work or sign page. 

Click the green check to send me your work. 


8:30 Zoom session- Kindergarten Zoom code 

· Morning Meeting check in 

· Meeting ID- 549 165 7977 

· Passcode- 12345 


The code is always available on Seesaw and they can just click link and it will bring you right into zoom. 


12:30-1:30 -This is open zoom time and can log in anytime during this time. 

· 549 165 7977 

· Passcode- 12345 

· Emotional and educational support IF NEEDED- OPTIONAL 


Contact information Mreuter@lyle.k12.mn.us ;



Please let me know if you have any questions,


Maddison Reuter