Our school is a PBIS School. We incorporate and follow PBIS expectations in all school settings. 

At the beginning of each year I establish a few simple rules, which I expect students in our class to follow. My rules are based on respect for others and the property of others. The rules and consequences are posted in the classroom and we will discuss them as a class. If we all agree to follow the school rules provided in the student handbook, along with our class rules, I do not anticipate any problems. Your child deserves the best educational environment possible.

Throughout each day, students are reminded of the pledge if they are acting in an inappropriate manner.

Classroom rules:

Raise your hand
Excel in your work
Polite words
Expect your best
Challenge yourself
Treat others with kindness

Positive reinforcement not only helps boost the receiving child's self-esteem, but it also calls attention to a behavior that you would like other students to exhibit.
In my classroom, I will employ motivational strategies. School wide, we have the ROAR store. I will discuss these strategies with your child when school begins. It is my hope that this will help motivate your child to do well in school.

Contact: Tamara O'Connor (507) 325-2201ext.3021