Grade 4 Newsletter 3-4-2016

Geologists at work.
We are ROCKIN' it in the fourth grade! Miss Bentzin is introducing the class to the wonderful world of earth science. Students spent the day observing the properties of minerals. This is the introduction of our earth science unit. The students will be spending the next two weeks experiencing "hands on" science. 
On Tuesday the elementary students participated in Read Across America! We started the days activities listening to  Mrs. Jiskra read to the elementary students. We then spent the day reading, listening to our high school guest readers, and enjoying some cake and pink lemonade. 

In mathematics we are exploring fractions! The students wrapped up the unit and completed an assessment.  We will continue to dive into fractions over the next week. I would like you to encourage your child to continue practicing those multiplication and division facts. 

We enjoyed the new salad bar this week. The students continue to show their LION's ROAR in all school settings. They earned the Golden spoon for showing their ROAR. GREAT JOB FOURTH GRADERS!!

Miss Bentzin continues to show her LIONS ROAR by implementing some behavior management techniques that are proving quite successful. The students are responding well to her teaching style, and methods and continue to strive to show their best effort and work.

Miss O'Connor 
Miss Bentzin



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