WEEK April 20th – 24th

Each DAY

20 minutes of independent reading

Journal Writing


Redbird 40-45 minutes a week

Xtra math fact practice 10 minutes - 2x a week

Study Island objectives

Monday April 20th

Math – Fractions Ch8. L.4 Equivalent Fractions p507-508 HWp509-510

LA – Complete Ch3&4“The Cockroach and The Mouse” Discuss

          “Should You Stand Up To A Bully? “discussion

SS. -Watch and listen to SS MNAG Economics lesson posted on our Classroom.google.

Tuesday April 21st

          Math- Fractions Ch8. L5-Simplest Form p.511-514 HW.515-516

          L.A. /SS – Read Scholastic News April 13th edition”What a Waste” (Use the link on   my school webpage-ELearning link -Access code PHHKLN9)

          Epic- Check mailbox- read “Why Do We Need Water?” and “Garbage Galore”- Take AR test.

          LA-Writing Journal entry.

          What do you appreciate about the Earth?

Wednesday April 22nd

Math- Fractions Ch.8 L6- Compare and Order Fractions p 517-520  HW p.521-522

 LA- Writing Journal entry prompt. 

I believe in helping the Earth because…

Author of the week - Dav Pilkey

 – Epic-read book “Dav Pilkey”- in your mailbox

 classroom.google author study-Dav Pilkey

watch & listen to videos, read Dogman Unleashed-Ch#1 The Secret Meeting

watch video /listen to Dav Pilkey narrate-DogmanUnleashed-Ch#3 Happy Birthday Chief

Thursday April 23rd

Math – Fractions Ch8.L7 -Use Benchmark Fractions to Compare and Order p 523-526 HW 527-528 & Check my Progress p.529-530

LA- Reading Procedural Text complete -Make a Compost Pile https://sn4.scholastic.com/content/dam/classroom-magazines/sn4/issues/2019-20/041320/fighting-food-waste/SN4-041320-MakeACompostPile.pdf

Friday April 24th

          Math – Fractions CH.8 L9- Mixed Numbers p.537 -540

HW p 541-542

SCIENCE FOLLOW THE FOOD SERIES- Carrot & Bees – see classroomgoogle

Journal Entry-

Think of some of your favorite foods that include
carrots (salads, snacks, etc.). Identify what processing
these carrots must go through to be used in this food.
Investigate the tools that are used and brainstorm
opportunities to make this process easier.