March 23, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I want to take this time to let you know that I am missing your child and thinking of all of you during this time. I am writing this letter to address some of the questions that you may have regarding your child’s learning and what this distance learning is going to look like. The most important thing during this time is to support your child’s emotional well-being. This is a difficult time, in so many ways, for all of us. Lyle staff is trying to make this transition as smooth as possible. I understand you probably have many questions about your child’s academics, but I want you to find comfort in knowing that this method of educational delivery is not the norm for many of us. There will be “hiccups.” We are a team. It will take efforts from all parties for your child to be successful. Please find comfort in knowing that your child has made great gains this school year! I am proud of them. With that said, I do not want them to lose what they have worked so hard to attain. I know they are up to the challenge to keep working hard.

            Each child will be issued their school iPad to take home to use for educational purposes. The school districts iPad and electronic device policy is provided. It is in the Ziploc bag with the iPad. Please take time to read this.  Please monitor your child’s use of this device. Please practice parental control and monitor what they are watching and how they are using their iPads. Being a 4th grader with an electronic device, can be a big distraction. The responsibility of completing their schoolwork is crucial to their academic progress. Academic expectations remain in place, regardless of the educational setting.
The students are familiar with most of the programs I will be using. All of the password information is supplied in the folder that was in the small plastic bag. I will be incorporating a few technology internet based programs in the delivery and assessment of the schoolwork.
My school web page can be found on the Lyle school website, Lyle staff K-6, Tammy O’Connor-4th Grade. This is where I will be posting daily schedules, information, assignments and links. This will be the “go to” place. Also, please check out our school webpage to find the most up to date information.


I have supplied a folder with learning materials, some assignments and, password information. Please keep this. The materials are important.

If your contact information is not current, please call Mrs. Small. If you do not have internet there are plenty of companies offering free internet for school children. Please contact the school to help assist you with this, or check link on my school website.

I will be using Zoom, which is a live interactive stream, for some of my daily instruction. I am excited for this. I expect your child to be present for the meeting(s) each day.

I have entered your email information on EPIC so your child can use EPIC for free. I will use this for reading purposes. Please talk to your child about refraining from spending large amounts of time watching videos.

I plan on presenting a math lesson daily. This will be through ZOOM. Your child has a consumable math book, as well as an e-edition of the book. There will be assignments that they will submit electronically. The math book, and Redbird, is found on Connected. The login information is in the folder.

Study Island is another program we will continue to use.

Xtramath is used for fact fluency.

Prodigy is math based.

Mobymax is something that has all subjects and strands of learning. I will use this for teaching and assessments.  I will explain more when I chat with the kids on Zoom.



Instruction and learning will start on Monday the 30th. Look for an email or posting of information, and schedule towards the end of the week.

I will expect the students to continue their daily independent reading. A daily reading log is in the folder to track reading.
Please sort through the items in the garbage bag. The notebooks, paper and other items will be useful.

A daily routine, and a quiet workspace will be helpful. Your child may be feeling unsure and stressed at times. This will come out in many ways. Please be patient, encouraging and supportive. We are a team. Take a deep breath! Your child is awesome!


Thank you, Miss O’Connor