Agenda WEEK 4/13-4/17

Each DAY

20 minutes of independent reading

Journal Writing


Redbird 40-45 minutes a week

Xtra math fact practice 10 minutes - 2x aweek

Tuesday 4-14

Math Ch 8 “Am I Ready” p 477 No HW

Science -Read “Why Does Matter Matter? Answer questions # 1-12 Due Wednesday(In folder & on ELearning tab)

Reading- Read “The Cockroach and the Mouse” on google.classroom Be ready to discuss in class this week.

Wednesday 4-15

Math Ch8L#1 Factors and Multiple p485-488 HW p489-90

                        HW Study Island-Math CommonCore 2.f.Factors and multiples-lesson&practice

Reading- Discussion “The Cockroach and the Mouse”

                 Read Scholastic News March 30th cover story “Should You Stand Up To A Bully?

                        The Scholastic News issue is in your folder, or link can be found on my E Learning page on my teacher website. Online issue has Text-to -Speech , and video.

Thursday 4-16

Math Ch8L#2 Prime and Composite Numbers p 491-494 HW p.495-96

                           Check my progress p 497- 498

HW Study Island Math Common Core 2.g.Prime & Composite numbers

lesson &practice

Reading – 
Journal writing-Entry can be found on (googleclassroom suite)
If you could use Living Spray (it brings living things to life) on one thing in your house, what would you pick and what would happen?

Science –“ What’s the Matter” worksheet (in folder & on ELearning tab)
(If you are using the Elearning WS - Just number your paper 1-19 and write the answers)


Friday 4-17

Math Ch8L4# Equivalent Fractions p 505-508 HWp509-510

                        StudyIsland Math 2007 4.e. Equivalent Fractions

Reading – Discussion “The Cockroach and the Mouse”
Reading – Problem/solution -What Would You Do? ON Google classrom suite Complete and submit (How to - instructions in class-?)

Science- Assesment -Study Island 3.a. Properties of Matter, 3.b.States of Matter